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Formed in 1842, Stewarton Heather is the sole survivor of two Stewarton Curling Clubs.  Stewarton Curling Club were mainly from the textile industry and played at Clerkland, while Stewarton Heather played at Fullwood and were agriculture and land workers.  While still having a strong agricultural heritage, nowadays, our membership is a broad mix from all walks of life.

In 1884 a former member John Currie went to visit friends in America and set up our sister club, Waltham Curling Club in Illinois USA.  They still play for the John Currie trophy annually.

Based at Greenacres Curling Club, we are a mixed club where everyone is welcome regardless of age or ability.  Over 50 members regularly play in one or both of our league competitions, with over 30 in the reserve pool.  Members range from juniors through to senior citizens and include a handful of former Scottish, World and Olympic players.


Club History

The institution in 1838 of a Grand National Club, with its headquarters in the Edinburgh, “ and having for its object the regulation of the laws and methods of curling by the united deliberations of representatives from all the clubs of the country”, is the most important and far-reaching event in the whole history of curling.

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club was born and the word “instituted” came into play. At the annual meeting on 15 Oct 1888 after expenses it was found that the club had the grand total of eight shillings and six pence in the bank. It was agreed that six new triggers be purchased before the new season specimens to be shown to the skips and offers lodged with the secretary.

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